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ClubMaster™ was conceptualized by George Morais to fulfil an opportunity within the golfing industry. George saw an opportunity for a need of an efficient and cost-effective golf club washing service, that could also clean grips and shoes. The Generation 2 ClubMaster™ unit, is the cumulative of 15 years of research and development and seven completely different design models. The current design was expanded to include a fully automated and unattended ball washer and ball dispenser. ClubMaster™ specializes in providing the golfing industry with innovative technology, with benefits from the individual golfer, the golf facility, and the advertiser. The Club Washer cleans the club head, grip, and shoes, to make all the difference to your game. They affect the ball spin and trajectory as well as grip and club control, all contributing to additional confidence in the player’s performance, without the use of manpower, harmful detergents, or abrasive materials. In an environmentally / eco-friendly environment.