Mastering your golf equipment cleaning needs to a tee.

Golfers understand the importance of having clean clubs. While a good swing goes a long way, players know that the condition of their clubs can take them from a birdie to an eagle.

Grip Clean

The high pressure nozzles will eliminate any grime and dirt from the grips, restoring them to the original tacky feel.

  • Clean Gips under 3 minutes

  • High Pressure Cleaning

  • Non abbrasive materials

  • No chemicals or soaps

Club Wash

Bring your clubs back to a pristine condition in under 5 minutes.

  • No chemicals

  • Non-abbrasive materials

  • Eco-Friendly

Shoe Wash

  • Clean off grass and mud in under minutes

  • No scrubbing or manual labour

  • Quick & efficient

Benefits to the golf club

Additional marketing revenue.

Early hours service available, morning, and evening. Players are not indecent dent staff to practice.

No need for tokens.

Revenue from club cleaning

No staff required for the experience of players to require a club service that promotes additional revenue

management analytics on sales, machine performance, and loyalty programs.

Benefits to the Golfer

Sanitized golf clubs and golf balls

Eco Friendly by using recycled water.

Improved performance due to clean grooves

Improved tackiness due to clean grip

Clean shoes

Low cost of cleaning

Longer playing hours, due to unattended vending service from ball dispenser

Build your Business and your revenue

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